The Fear! There Actually IS A Way For People To Screenshot Your Snapchats Without You Knowing

Nobody's selfies are safe.


If there’s one thing that keeps us safe from having our dodgy selfies leaked, then it’s Snapchat’s screenshot notification function.

Thanks to that smart little security measure, if someone decides to screenshot one of our snaps we’ll be notified straightaway.

And for those of us who like to send something a little more risqué via the app, it gives the added security that your sexy selfies won’t end up somewhere you didn’t want them to, like all over the web.

But we’ve just learned something that strikes the fear of God into us: it’s possible for people to screenshot your snaps without you being notified.

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Basically, after receiving your snap, a person can turn off airplane mode, click back into the Snapchat app and view and screenshot your picture, and because their phone isn’t technically connected to the internet, you won’t receive a notification.

Terrifying, right?

Thankfully, in theory, once the user reconnects to the internet, Snapchat should catch up and send you a notification to let you know your snap has been saved, but we aren’t taking any chances.

The obvious way to protect yourself? Play it safe and don’t snap anything you probably shouldn’t be.

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