The Guinness Christmas Ad Gave Us Unrealistic Expectations Of Ireland In The Snow

Where's the brown sludge on the road? SHOW US THE TRUTH!

The Guinness ad with the snow falling on Christmas Eve is iconic. Everything is peaceful, beautiful… and wrong. Terribly wrong.

If there’s anything we’ve learned over the past few days, it’s that there is nothing peaceful or beautiful about snow.

We have slipped, we have slid, we have cursed at the sky and gone stone mad for bread – why aren’t any of these things represented in the Guinness ad? Here’s how they could update it to reflect the reality of our situation.

Brown sludge on the roads

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There is no way that any of the roads in the ad would actually have a crisp, undisturbed carpet of snow. Where is the MUCK?

Snowed-in parents desperately trying to entertain/tire out their children

Is there anything to be said for building another snowman? Anyone? Just stop climbing the walls, PLEASE.

People slipping and then looking around to check if anyone saw

The “Don’t forget to turn the lights off!” guy should have gone splat on his snot.

Youths throwing snowballs at the cutesy couples

The soundtrack to the ad should actually go “OooooOOOOoooOO – ow! – ooOOOOOOoo – who threw that? – oooOOOOooooo – listen you better stop right now or I’ll call the guards.”

And a shot of a Brennan’s Bread van being chased by a horde of panicked carb-seekers

It won’t be a realistic depiction if they didn’t acknowledge the Great Bread Shortage of 2018. Consider all this for the coming Christmas, Guinness.


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