The Internet Has A Lot To Say About This Influencer Doing ‘Essential Work’ In Dubai

Sheridan Mordew was called out on This Morning by Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield.

People are seriously not happy with personal trainer and influencer Sheridan Mordew who classed herself as a key worker when defending her reasons to travel to Dubai during the ongoing pandemic.

Sheridan, who hails from Newcastle, explained that she didn’t feel motivated to work out at home and so, believed she’d motivate herself and her followers more if she travelled to Dubai and worked out from there.

Explaining that her job is to “motivate people”, Sheridan adds that she could be “lazy and sit back and do nothing” in England, but chose to go over to Dubai where she could work out from the holiday destination.

As we all know, Dubai has become a serious talking point during the pandemic due to the amount of influencers deeming it essential for them to travel there for their “content”. Explaining on social media that it’s for work purposes, a whole host of influencers have been seen partying, taking trips on yachts, and spending their days at the beach in groups, despite very clear guidelines.

Showing an image of Sheridan riding a camel and sitting on the beach, Holly explained that this sort of content doesn’t “motivate” her when she’s at home, but in fact, has the total opposite affect.

“See this image doesn’t motivate me, it just makes me utterly jealous. I’m just so jealous, I want to feel the sun on my skin, that’s all I want,” explained the This Morning host.

Retaliating by saying that people need to “be kind” when commenting on her trip abroad, Holly called out the influencer once more, asking her if she understood the consequences of her actions saying:

“Can I just say something? When you say ‘be kind’ when we see how stretched the NHS is and those nurses that are working really hard and all they are saying is ‘please stay home, do the right thing, stay home’, and you’re saying ‘be kind’, are you being kind to them by encouraging others to travel for what you deem is essential work?”

But again, Sheridan’s justification was that she was encouraging people to work out from home, also adding that she was providing some free services with workouts on her Instagram channel.

Noting that it’s not “lockdown spirit”, Philip added to Holly’s points by noting that these workouts could technically be done in England and that travel to Dubai doesn’t seem practical in this sense.

Likewise, the internet appears to feel the exact same way with viewers and influencers calling out Sheridan for calling her work essential while so many people are staying at home in a bid to fight this crisis and save lives.

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