The Latest Update On Love Island 2020, Will It Go Ahead?

“ITV can’t do the series without insurance."

It’s on, it’s off, it’s back on again…like Ross and Rachel, the next season of Love Island is very up in the air at the moment. The unfortunate thing is that we’ve never wanted it more.

The latest in the saga of getting the show on air in 2020, is to do with insurance. Only recently ITV shared that producers were working around the clock to get the summer season on TV, confirming that it would go ahead.

However the new issue is that they are struggling with insurance. As reported in The Star, insurance companies are reluctant to cover the show due to the Covid-19 crisis. The source has said; “insurance companies won’t offer cover.”

Explaining further they said “ITV can’t do the series without insurance. If the series is airing and even just one person tests positive for the virus, the whole thing would have to be shut down immediately.”

Despite the question marks over if the series will go ahead it has been reported that there is a massive increase in applications for the next season, with more than 13,000 people rumoured to be seeking a place in the villa.

Fingers crosses producers will find a way to get the show safely on air, as we’ve never needed our fix of the villa more!


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