The Main Reason People Get Married Is A Lot Less Romantic Than You Might Think

Reckon people head down the aisle for love? Not so, says this study.

Wedding couple

Call us romantic, or, um, naive, but we would have guessed that one of the biggest reasons couples have for heading down the aisle is because they’re madly in love and they want the world to know about it.

Well not so, according to a study conducted by, which asked 1,000 married and 1,000 unmarried people about their reasons for putting a ring on it.

The result? Apparently one of the main reasons for tying the knot is in fact kids, with 52% of those surveyed saying they’d get married so they could become a proper family unit.

Love on the other hand, came in second, with 39% saying getting married was about professing their feelings in front of the world.

Other reasons for getting wed? The opportunity to wear a wedding dress, because it’s traditional and to, er, throw a party.

Here are the top 10:

1.To become a proper family unit (52%)
2.To show the world that we are in love (39%)
3.Because it’s traditional (34%)
4.To make sure our family shares the same name (34%)
5.I want financial security (24%)
6.Because I / my partner wants to be married before we have children (19%)
7.Because we already have children (16%)
8.To have a big party with all my family and friends (15%)
9.So I can wear a wedding dress / smart suit (13%)
10.Our families want us to do it (6%)


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