The New Love Island Villa Was Once Used In An Episode Of Black Mirror

What would Charlie Brooker think of *that*?

Love Island can sometimes feel stranger than an episode of Black Mirror – but this season actually has a strange connection to the Netflix show.

According to The Sun, the new villa is the very same house that was featured in Miley Cyrus’ episode of Black Mirror, Rachel, Jack & Ashley Too.

Miley plays a troubled pop star called Ashley O who is kept in a coma by her manager, wired up to a machine that extracts her dreams and turns them into music.

Throughout the episode, Ashley can be seen lying in bed in an enormous, glass-walled mansion:

The €6.2m property is located in one of Cape Town’s ‘most exclusive areas’, and is reportedly being rented to ITV for around €123,000 a month. Pocket change!

The huge windows offer stunning views of the South African landscape, so if you get bored of the action inside you can just gaze past the Islanders heads and dream of being on your hols.

Sothebys Realty

Sothebys Realty

Rotten, isn’t it? Not nice at all.


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