The One Sign That Suggests Your Relationship Is Officially Serious

If you've just started dating and you haven't had the 'chat' yet, this one thing can determine whether you're serious or just casual.

Couple Kissing

The early days of dating someone are murky territory. Are they on the same page as you, are they planning on hanging around and do they think of you as GF material? They’re all queries that can be answered by one question, “So, um, what are we?”

But if you’re not ready to be as direct as that just yet, relationship support organisation say there is one clue that suggests your relationship is moving from just casual dating into more serious territory.

In a recent survey they asked 6,000 people what they think defines a serious relationship. The most prevalent answer? 50% of the couples surveyed said that ‘sharing problems’ was the top indicator of a relationship that’s gone beyond just a random hookup.

In fact, sharing your problems was ranked even higher than ‘being exclusive’ and even ‘getting married’, doncha know.

So the real way to know where you and your most recent beau are headed? Ask yourself this: Has your convo moved from casual bants about the weather or what’s on in the cinema to more serious topics like your hopes, dreams and ambitions? If so, things could very well be about to become more than just a casual affair.


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