The Pics Of Taylor Swift’s New NYC Apartment Are Here And They’re Effing Insane

A swimming pool. In an apartment. A SWIMMING POOL.

From hanging with her cats to entertaining her supermodel besties and holding album listening parties for her fans, Taylor Swift conducts much of her downtime from her NYC apartment.

So when we heard yesterday that the singer was moving out of her €18m Tribeca penthouse for a year to facilitate renovations, we knew her temporary New York home would have to be something special. And we weren’t wrong.

Taylor’s abode for the next while is a downright spectacular West Village carriage house apartment, which she’s reportedly renting for somewhere in the region of €36,000 – €40,000 a month. Owned by NY property and hotel mogul David Aldea, the Cornelia Street apartment has five bedrooms, six bathrooms… and an indoor pool.

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Carriage houses were historically used to store horse-drawn carriages when they weren’t in use, meaning that the pad has quite a long rectangular shape. Back in 2013, a glass-backed penthouse area was installed, giving the pad heaps of natural light.

The folks at Curbed profiled the apartment a couple of months back, and the photos are just… well… you’ll have to see for yourself in the gallery above.