The Tube Girl Is Inspiring Confidence Everywhere – Unless You’re An Anxious Commuter

Would you try it on the luas?

Image via Instagram, @sabrinabahsoon

Sabrina Bahsoon has given the word confidence a whole new meaning.

Some find it inspiring; some find it cringe – either way you’ve got to respect her hustle. This girl is going places, and we don’t just mean on the tube.

Sabrina Bahsoon AKA The Tube Girl is a 22-year-old who was born and raised in Malaysia. According to Grazia, Sabrina moved to London after graduating from law at Durham university.


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Before becoming a creator on social media, she worked as a waitress to pay her way through college.

Fast forward to 2023 when Sabrina began capturing TikToks of herself strutting around and dancing to songs on the London Underground…yes, in public. This girl is fearless!

The viral TikToks have launched Sabrina into fame overnight, and she has so far gained a total of 20.1 million likes and half a million followers.

@sabrinabahsoon So now im en route via tube. The man in the back getting a show fr 🤣 #tubegirl #tubegirleffect ♬ Prada – cassö & RAYE & D-Block Europe

Fans across the app are in awe of Sabrina’s confidence and the ‘Tube Girl Effect’ has been sent into orbit on the London Underground, with copy-cats galore.

One fan commented, “This is actually really healing to parts of my social anxiety. I like tube girl.”

Another said, “She is in her own world, I aspire to be like that”.

@gen_laforce montréal tube girl is born💅🏼✨#tubegirl #montrealtubegirl ♬ greedy tate mcrae unreleased – babytatie1

However, not everyone is vibing with Tube Girl’s commitment to the bit.

Some people on the app have shared their experiences of the ‘Tube Girl Effect’ from the other perspective. Sabrina’s public filming has spiked the conversation of respecting other people’s privacy, and whether or not it’s ethical to film people without their permission.

One man shared a video where he reminded people of the “innocent victims” behind every person recording themselves on the tube.

@vicccle Laat deze trend please niet naar NL overwaaien #tubegirl #tubegirlenergy #tubegirleffect ♬ origineel geluid – Vic Cle

Users flooded the comments in agreement, with one saying, “I’m glad you’re confident, but I’m just trying to get home, I don’t want to be on camera”.

Others raised questions about whether our concept of ‘public spaces’ is evolving to accept the constant possibility of being on video – yikes.

Honestly, we get the concerns. Not everyone likes to be caught on film, and you shouldn’t have to be afraid of being viewed by millions when you’re simply sitting on public transport.

There is, however, no stopping these newly inspired girlies. We recommend avoiding the ends of the carriage when you get on the tube, as this is where you’re most likely to fall victim to a tube gal!


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No matter your stance, Sabrina’s videos are certainly proving beneficial on a personal level – they’re helping her career to take flight. Her TikToks have been recognised as a modern marketing strategy, and she’s getting noticed!

The TikTokker has even headed to BOSS headquarters to film content alongside TikTok star Dixie D’amelio. She’s also been invited to attend some of the world’s biggest fashion shows.

Though she had already been signed as a model, Sabrina appears to be booking more gigs than ever; we can see why!

Despite all the controversy she has received, there’s no doubt that Sabrina Bahsoon’s confidence has turned her into a Gen Z icon. Get it, girl!

Words by Shauna Whyte