The Ultimate Picnic Checklist For A Day Out With Your Friends

Tick off all the essentials and make sure you don't miss a thing.

As we slowly head towards summer with the ability to travel further into the great outdoors, picnics are certainly a hot topic. Giving us an opportunity to lap up the sunshine and the endless mimosas in the park, on the beach, even in our back garden if it means putting out a fun spread for all the gals.

Picnics are a fun excuse to dress up, get creative with snacks and drinks, have a laugh and hunt out some exciting and scenic locations.


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Long gone are the days of ham sandwiches wrapped in clingfilm – although we still love these, nowadays people are getting super experimental with their picnic feasts and well, it’s got us inspired to do the same.

Therefore we’ve put together a checklist of all the picnic bits needed to make sure you have the most splendid time, dahrling.

General checklist

Large picnic blanket – the thicker the better

Picnic box – for carrying all the bits

Cushions/pillows – handy for sitting on while toasting in the sun

White bed sheet – a TikTok hack for popping over your picnic blanket when getting aesthetically pleasing food pics!


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Reusable plates and cutlery – always necessary, we adore this set of plates!

A cupcake stand – great for laying out all the treats, scones, sandwiches

Reusable containers, pop all your fruit, bread, biscuits, jams, sauces and cheeses into separate containers to bring with you, ensuring that nothing spill or leaks, we adore these ones – see here!

Cooler bag – keep your drinks nice and chilled no matter what the weather

Travel wine/prosecco/cocktail glasses, a nice glass is always key for sipping the good stuff

A bread board – top tip, slice your bread before you go and then lay it out on a bread board for everyone to share during the picnic. Cutting sourdough and the likes while on a blanket with picnic cutlery is never an easy task.

Fresh flowers – we’re being bougie now, but sure look, we enjoy the finer things now and again

Sunglasses – goes with saying

SPF – see above ^

Cosy fleece – when the temperature drops… bitter, I tell you

Paper straws – always handy

Food ideas


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Crackers, cheese, hummus, cured cuts to make a charcuterie board

Bread – rustic loafs like tiger bread, sourdough and all the good stuff

Fruit platters, chopped up mangos, pineapple, berries and grapes

Triangle sandwiches with your favourite fillings

Watermelon and feta salad, a picnic fave of mine, see recipe here

Fresh pastries, mini cakes, cookies and muffins

Guac, salsa and tortila chips

Olives on cocktail sticks

Baby potatoes with seasoning and a pasta salad

Plenty of water alongside your favourite drinks



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