There’s A Spin Off Movie On The Way For Emma Stone Rom Com ‘Easy A’

One of our favourite romantic comedies of the 2000’s is getting a spin off movie – and we are beside ourselves!

The absolutely gas movie stars Emma Stone as a high school student who told a lie about losing her virginity, that escalated into her becoming the talk of the entire town – and was also the movie that got Natasha Bedingfield’s Pocket Full Of Sunshine permanently stuck in our heads.

The 2010 comedy also starred Penn Badgley, Lisa Kudrow, and Stanley Tucci – with Amanda Bynes also giving one of her best performances imo.

And now we have something new to look forward to as a spin off movie has just been announced!

Screenwriter of the original movie, Bert Royal, will be back to write and direct the sequel, and he has spilled some major details on what we can expect!

“Times have changed quite a bit since I wrote that movie! The term ‘slut-shaming’ wasn’t even in existence when the movie came out, and people were barely texting back then,” Royal told The Los Angeles Times.

“Now, we’re in this whole new world where people are very open and things that were taboo even 10 years ago are not as taboo now.”

Despite Emma Stone not being expected to make an appearance, Royal has revealed that her character Olive’s younger brother Chip will be in the movie!

“[Chip] is part of a new generation, where everything is out in the open and instead of people protesting, you have people celebrating.

“Whereas something was secret or a rumor before, this one has something that goes very public very fast, and throws our characters into a whole different situation.

“We’ll follow the same throughline of a character who is helping another person and, farcically, it spins out of control.”

We are BUZZING for this!


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