“There’s Bad, Bad People Out There”: Marissa Carter Suffers A Crushing Business Setback

The matter is being investigated by police.

Business woman Marissa Carter took to Snapchat yesterday to share the news that over €50,000 worth of her famous Cocoa Brown tanning products had been stolen from her company in the UK.

The mum-of-two was visibly upset when she said, “There are some bad, bad people out there. I found out this morning that over €50,000 worth of stock was stolen from us in the UK. I’m just so, so upset.”

However, she went on to say that worse things could happen, and she’s trying her best to keep things in perspective.

“My kids and my family are all that matters and once they are healthy and happy that’s all that matters.”

The theft is still being investigated by police in the UK so she’s unable to disclose any other details at this time.

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