These 3 Cocktails Will Cure Your Hangover, STAT!

When you've had one too many (hey, it happens), trade the paracetomol and greasy food for these high-end hair-of-the-dog cocktails.

1. Watermelon Pimms cocktail


This morning-after concoction tastes divine and replenishs lost electrolytes. The active hangover-busting ingredient is watermelon gatorade which will have you waving buh-bye to your hangover quicker than you can speed dial Dominos.

2. Black car flip cocktail


Hitting some of the essentials of an after-drinking breakfast – minus the grease and the waiting in line with a bunch of hipsters – this bad boy‘s got protein, sugar, and beer. Basically the cornerstones of any first meal.

3.  Ludwig’s Folly


With a hint of Caribbean favour, this little sucker offers a tropical take on electrolyte replenishment and hydration. Coconut water is the primary ingredient that will kick your hangover in the butt.

By Jennifer Conway.


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