These Gin-Filled Baubles Are The Only Thing Your Tree Needs This Christmas

We're stocking up, bbz.

Ginvent Calendar

By now you may have already heard of Ginvent 2016. It’s an advent calendar that’s filled with 24 different craft gins behind each window, so, um pretty much the dream, right?

Well, how’s about this. Also, on the list of must-have boozy Christmas accessories are these Gin-filled Christmas tree baubles.


Invented by Pickerings, a craft distillery in Scotland, each bauble contains 50mls of gin in a colourful casing – and though the company’s founder says the product initially started out as a bit of a joke, they’ve since gone viral.

Gin Baubles

In fact, the baubles have proven so popular that they’ve already sold out. Sob.

Here’s hoping that they come back into stock ASAP, because we seriously can’t think of a better way to decorate the tree.

Shop ’em from here for £30 once they’re back.


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