These Irish Kids Watched The Den And Bosco And Just Didn’t Get The Hype

'Eh, why does he live in a box?'

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Glenroe, Bosco and The Den are three shows that shaped most Irish childhoods, and we can’t stand to hear a bad word said about them.

Sure, Bosco was a bit creepy looking with all that red hair and the squeaky voice, but he taught us how to count, didn’t he? And Dustin might have given Ray D’Arcy a hard time, but we knew they were besties underneath it all.

Fast-forward twenty years though, and kids aren’t quite so forgiving. YouTube channel YouthNation rounded up a group of youngsters and played them clips from three Irish TV shows from the early Nineties, and the reactions were… questionable.

In short, the kids were highly, highly unimpressed. A few of our favourite lines…

Glenroe: “This is worse than a farmer would make up.”

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The theme tune: “This is the worst music ever. I would not dance to it.”

Biddy and Miley’s home life: “Diddy and Milly are watching TV and chatting.”


Bosco: “He’s a doll. Why is Bosco so popular?”

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Frank and Marian’s choice of dress: “The adults look weird because they have a shirt and tie.”

The opening credits: “Is this all the show is? Just paper cut-outs?”


The Den: “I hate this show. They’re just talking and talking and talking, it’s endless talk.”

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Zig and Zag: “They’re puppets? Okay, that’s really weird. They’re just talking puppets and the man is just sitting there chilling.”

Ray D’Arcy: “He’s so good, he’s like the best, he’s like Tom Cruise.”

Socky: “The guy that looks like an insect is quite weird.”

Watch the full video here, and prepare to question your entire childhood.