“Things Are Just Things”: Eoghan McDermott Opens Up About New Year Break In

Not the best start to 2020. At all, at all.

Any holiday goers worst nightmare is probably that of your home being broken into when you’re away. It puts a real downer over the whole holiday, when all you wanted was to sit back and enjoy sun, sand and sangria, or whatever it is you’re into. Well, this is what happened to 2FM presenter Eoghan McDermott when he was away on holidays over New Year’s.

Eoghan and his girlfriend Aoife Melia were enjoying a skiing trip in Söll, Austria, when Eoghan’s home was broken into, vandalised and his car stolen. Sharing the photos of the trip on Instagram, Eoghan said that the place was beautiful, and he’d love to return but the holiday was “bittersweet”.

“Bittersweet few days in Söll for New Year’s! The place is sensationally beautiful and I can see us visiting for many years to come. Sadly when we were away a gang of four men broke into our house and smashed up a few things before stealing my car.”

Very strange to know someone has been in your personal space with the intent of doing damage and harm.

He then continued, “Some neighbours alerted me pretty immediately after the alarm went off & called the Gardaí. Thanks to them, nice to know people looking out for you! Mega thanks to my sis Roe, brother in law Malcom and parents – who, between them stayed in the house til the smashed windows and doors were secured the next day, liaised with Gardaí & insurance folk and cleaned the place as best they could so there was as little trace as possible apart from the obvious big damage when we arrived home. Superstars! It could’ve been worse of course, nobody hurt & things are just things. Perhaps it’s time to invest in an electric scooter! Back on @rte2fm in the morning! Onwards x”


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Well, that’s not the best start to a new year at all.


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