This 13 Reasons Why Spoiler Might Explain What Will Happen To Bryce In Season Two

Will he finally get his comeuppance?

On Monday, Netflix announced that 13 Reasons Why had been given the green light for season two, and now they’ve given us a sneak-peek of what to expect when the series returns in 2018.

Netflix US took to Twitter last night to reveal that season two “will explore the way boys are raised into men and the way we treat girls and women in our culture – and what we could do better in both cases.”

The tweet goes on to explain that “Bryce will hopefully get what’s coming to him.”

In season one, we saw the character of Bryce Walker rape two of his female classmates, and physically assault a male classmate who tried to defend the girls. One of these girls went on to take her own life, while the other developed a drinking problem.

Fans of the show are eager for Bryce to get his comeuppance, and this tweet leads us to believe that it’ll happen fairly soon.

Netflix also responded to a fan who asked about what will happen to the characters of Alex, Tyler and Mr and Mrs Baker, saying, “We’re going to answer those questions… even more, we’re going to continue to look very truthfully and very honestly at what they go through”.

Considering Alex’ suicide attempt and the tragic loss within the Baker family, it seems that season two of 13 Reasons Why will put more focus on mental health. While season one detailed the trauma of the characters involved, the new episodes are likely to concentrate on their recovery and healing.

Are you looking forward to the series’ return?

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