This Billboard Image Of Khloe Kardashian Has Sparked Major Outrage Online

Fans reckon it promotes an unhealthy body image.

Since Khloe Kardashian’s image overhaul she’s been collabing with loads of different health and fitness brands, and none have been more controversial than her link up with Protein World.

The reality star was blasted for her team up with the brand back in January because the product features dairy, which Khloe has very publicly excluded from her diet.

Now she’s facing more backlash for her Protein World Collaboration and this time it’s because of the brand’s new billboard image.

The poster, which features Khloe in a white leotard outfit and knee socks, has been heavily criticised for being overly airbrushed and promoting unrealistic body standards.

The billboards feature on the London Underground and a pledge has since been lodged to have them banned on the basis that they promote an unattainable and unrealistic standard for health and fitness.

What do you reckon? Are the billboards promoting an unhealthy body image?


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