This DIY Candle Hack With Seashells Is One We Need To Try ASAP

It's all over our TikTok feed at the moment!

Over the past multiple lockdowns, TikTok has proven to be not only a welcome distraction from the ongoings of life, but also – a source of DIY inspiration for everything from room renovations to up cycling ideas and don’t even get us started on the air fryer recipes.

Yes, we’ve got many an idea from the viral app and it’s clever creators and now, the latest candle hack to grace our feeds is one that we’re so eager to try.

By creator @samishome, this candle hack transforms beach seashells into cute candles with just some old wax, essential oils and wicks.

Helping you to create new candles from the old, we love this idea and just how pretty these candles would look in a bathroom, coffee table or bedside locker.

Watch the video below!

@samishomeTried making candles for the first time! Let’s make 2021 bright 🕯#homemade #candle #candletok #diy♬ midnight sun – Ramzoid

I mean, how cute? And while we’re on the subject of candles, if you’re wondering how to get some wax for your seashells and remove all the stubborn wax from your candles, this hack which we shared last year will show you just how to do so.


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It couldn’t be easier and it means no candle wastage ever again. A win, win.