This Dublin Bakery Is Doing Pokéball Doughnuts Today And They Look Epic

Gotta munch 'em all.

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We can never resist a good themed dessert here at STELLAR Towers, and one Dublin bakery has certainly won out today.

The Rolling Donut on Bachelor’s Walk have created a limited edition Pokéball donut, and we must have it. Like, now.

It’s a “strawberry jam filling with Belgian white chocolate and a strawberry glaze” and it looks damn near DEVINE.


This O’Connell St Doughnut Kiosk Is Opening A City Centre Store And The Menu Looks Incredible

The Rolling Donut is the – new, gourmet – sister store to the kiosk of the same name on O’Connell St, which has been serving sugared doughnuts to the masses since 1988.

Even if you’re strictly anti-PokémonGo, we bet you won’t be able to resist that ooey-gooey white chocolately deliciousness.


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