This Dublin Hotel’s Summer Cocktail & Canape Menu Is To Die For

Now that the summer is finally hiting our shores, we’re constantly on the look out for a new place to sit out and catch some rays, while enjoying a nice, fruity cocktail.

Well we think we may have found our perfect 2018 summer spot!

Dublin’s five star Dylan Hotel has just launched their brand new seasonal summertime menu, featuring cocktails and canapes all inspired by the summer months.

Check out the full menu below, and remember, these treats can all be enjoyed in the surroundings of their stunning outdoor terrace, that may just be the most instagram-able place we have EVER seen!


Midsummer Dreams at Dylan Cocktail Menu


Blooming Chamomile

A flower based cocktail featuring Bloom Gin and the soothing summer flavour of chamomile.

Ingredients include:  Bloom Gin, elderflower liqueur, chamomile tea, lemon juice, yoghurt, egg white and chamomile blossoms.

Pisco Flower

A floral twist on the classic Pisco Sour using Crème de Violette and a touch of elderflower.

Ingredients include:  Pisco, Crème de Violette, elderflower liqueur, lemon juice, simple syrup, bitters and egg white and violet petal.


Tequila Honeybee

A summertime take on the Honeybee cocktail using the tequila in place of rum, light and sweet.

Ingredients include: Reposado Tequila, honey water, lemon juice and bitters.


A fittingly whimsical name for the refreshing and timeless Pimms Cup and Lemonade cocktail

Ingredients include: Pimms, lemon soda, orange and lemon slices and peppermint to garnish


Heavenly Hibiscus

                An elegant and sophisticated cocktail with a pretty Hibiscus twist.

Ingredients include: Hibiscus syrup, Lillet White, Riesling and soda water.


Absinthe Honeysuckle

A reimagining of the classic cocktail, pairing the aniseed flavour of absinthe with the sweetness of honey.

Ingredients include: Rum, absinthe, honey syrup, lime juice, and honeysuckle to garnish.

Midsummer Dreams at Dylan Canapé Menu

To savour:

Trout tartare with garden pea mousse

Goats cheese with figs on brioche

Foie Gras, sable with lavender and strawberry geleé

Crispy Hen’s Egg

Crab, lettuce and tomato cold consommé

Lobster roll


A sweet treat:

Strawberry gazpacho

Lime Parfait

Crispy Apple

Passion fruit macarons


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