This Horrifying Picture Shows A Newborn Baby Clutching His Mum’s Contraceptive Coil After The Birth

Did anybody else just wince?

In case you missed it, an unbelievable snap of a newborn baby holding his mum’s contraceptive coil just after his birth has been doing on the rounds on the internet, and believe it or not, the snap is not photoshopped.

Speaking to ABC the boy’s mother Lucy Hellein confirmed that the picture, taken on April 27th, is real but clarifies that her son was not born holding the coil in his hand.

In the interview Lucy confirms that she got pregnant while the coil was still inserted and the doctor was unable to remove it during her pregnancy.

The doctor then found the coil behind her placenta during the birth and the nurse then put the coil in baby Dexter’s hand.

Of course, the story has sparked concerns about the effectiveness of the coil, but just like you were told in school, no method of contraception is 100% foolproof.

The contraceptive coil has a 99.9% rate of effectiveness so we guess little baby Dexter was just the lucky 0.01%.

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