This Hospital Worker Lost Her Job After Justin Bieber’s Balls Got Twisted

Yes, you read that correctly.

Justin Bieber landed himself in hospital in May when his balls became twisted while he was playing soccer (apparently that’s a thing…) and even though he’s back to himself again, one of the hospital workers is now paying the price.

According to TMZ, Justin had Googled his symptoms at the time and panicked that he had testicular torsion, a serious condition leading to his testicular blood flow being cut off. It almost always requires surgery.

So he headed straight to Northwell Health in Long Island, New York, where Kelly Lombardo was working at the time. She was fired soon after, when hospital management got wind that someone had illegally accessed the pop star’s medical file.

The hospital claims that Kelly had overheard a rumour that Justin was in for STD treatment, not twisted balls, and they say she hacked into his medical file to see if it was true.

Management dismissed her, saying she was an “immoral employee”, but Kelly denies ever accessing Justin’s file and is now suing the hospital for unfair dismissal.

She feels she was pinpointed because she was a young woman (because all young women are obsessed with Justin Bieber or something…?)

Do you think she’s got a fair case?

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