This Icelandic Commentator Losing It During Last Night’s Match Will Make You Cry Happy Tears

All hail Gummi Ben!

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In the ultimate underdog victory tale, the unlikely heroes in Iceland scored a 2-1 win over England last night, securing their place in the quarter-finals of the 2016 EUROs.

Given that Iceland has a population of just 323,000 versus England’s 53 MILLION, it was a pretty big deal for them to win. Not to mention the fact that the Icelandic team had been ranked 34th going into this year’s tournament.

One person who couldn’t contain his joy when Iceland scored their second goal was commentator Gudmundur Benediktsson. Gudmundur, who’s affectionately known as Gummi Ben out Iceland way, made headlines last week when he had a completely joyous meltdown during Iceland’s 2-1 win over Austria.

And last night he was at it again:

Understandably, the entire population of Twitter has fallen for Gummi and his infectious happiness.

Despite not being able to understand what he’s saying, we’ll definitely be tuning into Iceland TV channel Sjónvarp Símans online this Sunday, just to hear Gudmundur’s reaction if his team beat France.

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