This Irish Blogger Is In Labour Right Now And Is Sharing The Whole Thing On Snapchat

Grace Mongey is expecting her first child.

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Irish make-up artist Grace Mongey, best known as blogger Faces By Grace, is currently in labour with her first child.

How do we know that? Well, she’s been sharing live updates via her Snapchat story since she first started experiencing contractions late last night.

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The Dubliner has been keeping her followers updated via social media throughout her pregnancy, and now that she’s in labour it’s no different.

After first starting contractions around 2am, Grace told followers that she’d been in touch with the hospital but was told to stay at home a while longer. “I rang the Coombe and they said not to come in until the pain was horrific,” she revealed.

Around two hours later, Grace and her boyfriend headed for the hospital, where they’re currently in Grace’s labour suite awaiting the next steps.


Grace hasn’t said how long into the labour she’ll continue Snapchatting, but considering how calm she’s been so far, we reckon there are at least a few more videos to come.