This Is How Celebrities Have Responded To The Weekend Of Violence In Charlottesville

A woman called Heather Heyer was killed during the riots.

A so-called white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia is being condemned by people across the world for inciting hatred towards people of different races.

Far-right groups, including Neo-Nazis and former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, gathered in the town on Saturday where they carried flaming torches and large Nazi flags.

They clashed with peaceful protesters, including Heather Heyer, who lost her life when she was run over by a car during the riot. “She was there with her friends, and she was trying to simply cross the street as the movement was breaking up that day, and she was ploughed down by a young man who was intent on spreading hate,” her mother told NBC.

Celebrities have been taking to social media to condemn the actions of the far-right groups, saying that white supremacy needs to be stopped. Ellen DeGeneres, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Kerry Washington, Zendaya, and Demi Lovato were among those calling on others to “stop the hate”.

James Alex Fields Jr., is the man suspected of killing Heather during the protest and he is set to appear in court on Monday via video link. He’s currently being held on suspicion of second-degree murder, malicious wounding and failure to stop in an accident that resulted in death.

Meanwhile, Kenneth Frazier who was a prominent executive for President Donald Trump, has quit his post saying he’s taking a stand against intolerance and extremism in the wake of the violence.

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