This Is How Jennifer Lawrence Got The Body She Has Now

Nope it's not all food restriction and punishing exercise regimes. Her personal trainer tells all.

There’s no denying that Jennifer Lawrence looks pretty darn fabulous, looking fiercer than ever at this year’s Oscars, but while smart food choices and hard slog at the gym have certainly played their part in shaping J-Law’s toned new bod, there are also a few simple – and effective – changes that have contributed to her amaze-o transformation.

So what’s her secret? Jennifer’s trainer Dalton Wong shares the deets in his new book The Feelgood Plan: Happier, Healthier & Slimmer in 15 Minutes a Day. The best bit? His tips are totes easy to get on board with.

Here’s what Jen did to get in shape.

She stayed hydrated

“You don’t have to slam back water all the time,” says Dalton, “but you have to sip water throughout the day.” He advises Jennifer to drink salt water, regular water, lemon water or coconut water at regular intervals. The good news? According to research published in The Journal Of Human Nutrition And Dietetics drinking up can help you burn an extra 1400 calories every week. Nice.

She controlled her portions

Never know if that big bowl of pasta is a monster meal or a petite portion? We hear ya, sista, but Dalton has a super easy way for figuring out if you’re eating too much or two little. It’s called The Rule Of Two. The basics? If you’re super hungry opt for a starter and a main. If you want to lose weight choose a starter and then another starter as your main. Want to indulge your sweet tooth? Go for a main and share a dessert. Easy.

She slept more

Ever noticed that when you haven’t had your eight hours all you wanna do is eat bad foods and drink double shot caramel lattes? Yuh-huh, us too, and that’s why Dalton tells Jennifer to get plenty of shut eye. “I’ve always told her that when you’re traveling and you arrive somewhere and you’re really fatigued have a power nap,” he says. “Relax. Let your body recharge. Try not to burn the candle at both ends.” New research backs up Dalton’s advice too. According to recent tests carried out by the University Of Chicago, sleep deprived peeps eat 50% more calories than those who’ve had a good night’s kip. Just another reason to snooze the alarm.

She indulged a little

We’re firm believers that a little bit of what you fancy does you good and that’s something Jennifer’s trainer agrees with us on too. “One thing I said she could have occasionally, but not all the time, was 75 percent dark chocolate,” he explains. “I’d rather give you something you want, like a little bit of dark chocolate, than have you not eat it and crave a whole chocolate bar.” The lesson? Don’t restrict yourself. If you need a little something-something, then have it, but just in moderation.


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