This Is How Many Cups Of Coffees You Should Actually Be Drinking In A Day – And It’s Way More Than You Think!

*Hot foots it to Insomnia.

Girl holding takeaway coffee

It’s a daily dilemma in the STELLAR office; we’ve already had our morning brew, but once 11am hits, we’re ready for another one. Should we shell out on an extra cup of joe, or listen to all those health warnings about excess caffeine consumption and just reach for some good old H2O instead?

Well, ladyfriend, if like us you have a serious hankering for two, three or even four cups of the caffeinated stuff a day, we’ve got good news. According to one expert we can all drink a lot more caffeine than we think.

Vasanti Malik, a research scientist at the Harvard T.H Chain of Public Health revealed during a Reddit Q&A that “Provided that it is minimally sweetened with sugar and not loaded with whipped cream it can definitely be part of a healthy diet.”

“Coffee, whether it’s caffeinated or decaf, contains a number of healthful vitamins and nutrients,” she continues. “Findings from our studies have shown associations with reduced risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease and mortality.

“Benefits are seen up to about five cups per day, after that there does not appear to be any additional benefit.”

Five cups a day? That sounds pretty deadly to us, though we reckon our bank account might disagree…


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