Carpet Burns Are The Most Common Injury Sustained During Sex

Ouchy! New figures say more than a third of us have sustained nasty injuries while doing the deed, and this is the main one.

Feet in bed

There’s a fine line between pleasure and pain, eh? According to a survey by dating site Meetville one in three of have us have sustained a nasty injury while having sex.

Yep, we’re talking pulled muscles, joint injuries and sprains. But the most common injury sustained while getting lusty is in fact (wait for it) carpet burn. Guess we’ll be avoiding floor sex then, huh?

A carpet burn is getting away lightly though. In 5% of cases, people have actually called in sick to work thanks to their passion wounds. Try explaining that one to your boss.

It’s not just your bod getting injured either; 40% of people have ‘fessed up to breaking something around the house while doing the deed too, with the most common objects being beds, wine glasses, chairs, and even windows and walls. Yikes!

Wanna avoid an injury? Sofas, stairs and the kitchen table are among the most risky places to do the deed, so maybe find a more, er, stable place to get frisky if you want to avoid those cuts and bruises.

Got any cringey sex injuries you want to share? Drop us a comment. We won’t laugh, promise. Okay, well maybe a little bit…