This Is The Reason Behind Angelina Jolie and The Weeknd’s Dinner

Romance or business? Hmm.

In the most random of celeb news today, rumours are flying around that The Weeknd and Angelina Jolie are dating. Don’t get me wrong, I love a dating rumour just as much as the next person, but this seems a little too wild to be believed.

The rumours of course haven’t just appeared, and are stemming from the fact that the pair were spotted enjoying a dinner date in LA recently. Yep, so there’s that.

Getting the scoop, Page Six reported that the two apparently shared dinner in a popular Italian restaurant named “Giorgio Baldi”, however both left at different times so as to avoid being papped together. And of course, getting wind of the news, Twitter immediately began to freak out.

However, while some fans were excited, others remained level-headed and concluded that the meeting was likely strictly business.

The Weeknd is about to co-write and star in a new HBO series called The Idol, an area of Hollywood that Angelia is closely involved in and can lend a helping hand.

Others also speculated that the pair are bonding over their family’s Ethiopia links, as The Weeknd’s parents are from Ethiopia, while Angelina adopted her 16-year-old daughter Zahara Marley from there also.

While I’m here for a random celeb pairing, I can’t help but think there are no romantic links here. But let’s wait and see, eh?


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