This Is What A McDonald’s Happy Meal Looks Like After 6 Years

Hint: Not the way you'd expect it to.

McDonalds Happy Meal

McDonalds: Sure we know it’s not the, er, healthiest choice, but sometimes we just can’t resist the lure of those greasy, fat-laden chicken nuggets and chips.

But we might start thinking twice about our favourite guilty indulgence after seeing these viral pics from an American mum who posted a snap of what her McDonalds Happy Meal looked like – six years after its purchase.

McDonalds Happy Meal

“It’s been 6 years since I bought this Happy Meal at McDonalds,” she wrote on her Facebook page. “It’s been sitting in our office this whole time and has not rotted, molded, or decomposed at all.

McDonalds Happy Meal

“It smells only of cardboard,” she continues. “We did this experiment to show our patients how unhealthy this “food” is. Especially for our growing children. There are so many chemicals in this food.”

Six years and not a single spec of mould? Er, maybe we’ll just stick with a salad next time.