This Is What It Was Like To Have Your Period In The Past

Hint: probably a whole lot more unpleasant than it is now.


No girl looks forward to her period. In fact, most of us actively dread it. After all, dealing with cramps, back ache, bloating and cravings isn’t exactly the most enjoyable time of the month.

But count yourself lucky, ladyfriend, cos having your period back in the day was certainly a lot less pleasant than it is now.

In a LOL-worthy new YouTube series, we get a tongue-in-cheek insight into how women in biblical times, Enlightenment-era France and 1920s Brooklyn dealt with their lady flow.

We particularly love the idea that in biblical times women would all congregate together in a tent and get drunk on wine to nix their PMS symptoms, while period blood back in colonial times was considered so potent it had the power to destroy enemies; the video shows two peasant women blow away a Cherokee simply by opening their legs.

The videos do come with a slightly more serious note though, with the 1920s vid in particular showing how society viewed menstruation during the time. It’s thought women during this era were so embarrassed to purchase pads that it led to a rise in sanitary product theft.

Here’s a look back at periods in the past:


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