This Love Island Star Shares There’s No ‘Feud’ Between Chloe Burrows And Fellow Islanders

So nope, the rumours aren't true.


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Now that autumn is here and our TV schedule is jam-packed, it feels like forever ago since Love Island was on our screens each night. Since the finale, there’s still been plenty going on for the 2021 Islanders (more on that here), but there’s also been a rumours circulating for a while that Chloe Burrows has had a falling out with certain people.

Last month, fans had speculated that Chloe had fallen out with with Kaz and Faye after it seemed they snubbed Chloe on her birthday.

But now, Lucinda Strafford is insisting that there’s no bad blood between them.

Speaking to OK! Magazine, she shared: “No I don’t believe so, I think Chloe gets along with everyone.

“I actually don’t think she doesn’t get along with anyone!”


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Continuing, she revealed, “There wasn’t one person when I was in there that Chloe didn’t get along with and I know she loves Kaz and I know she’s met up with Faye, Toby and Teddy since leaving the villa…

“So I don’t believe those rumours are true!”


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This comes after Lucinda also revealed that she’s now back with ex-boyfriend Aaron Connolly, but they’re taking things slowly. “Yeah, we are sort of talking again. We’re seeing where things go, we’re not back together as such but we’re taking it step by step.

“I think I’m sort of keeping my options open but I’m not really talking to anyone else at the moment. So, it’s sort of mixed between both really. It’s quite early stages again.” Read more on that here.


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