This New Netflix Show Ginny & Georgia Sounds A LOT Like Gilmore Girls

It follows a young mom and her mature teen daughter...

It has been announced that Netflix is set to get a new mother-daughter show that sounds A LOT like another show we once loved.

Ginny & Georgia follows a 15-year-old who is more mature than her 30-year-old mother Georgia.

Mum Georgia (Brianne Howey) decides after years on the run that its time to settle down in a quaint New England Town.

There, Ginny (new-comer Antonia Gentry) attends a prestigious school where she deals with issues like popularity and boys.

There’s also a small-town restaurateur named Joe, we wonder if he’ll be secretly in love with Georgia?!

We’ll also meet Marcus, the bad boy in the town who will no doubt be a love interest for Ginny. He’s not Joe’s nephew in this one though!

Sounds pretty familiar right? Everything from the concept to the alliteration pretty much mirrors our beloved Gilmore Girls.

And to be honest, we’re kind of surprised by just how many similarities they have.

However, there are some differences in the shows.

Single mom Georgia also has a son Austin, who will be played by Diesel La Torraca.

The family also don’t come from rich parents, which will make it more difficult for them to get on with things.

There’s also be more LGBT themes and more people of colour, which can only be a great thing.

Is it very similar to Gilmore Girls? Yes! Are we going to add it to our Netflix queue? Most definitely!

Ginny & Georgia will debut on Netflix in 2020


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