This Next Generation Spice Bag Might Just Be The Cheat Meal Of Your Dreams

Weekends are made for cheating on your diet, and this dish will be the first thing we order.

Next Generation Spice Bag

After a long week of eating kale salads, swapping chocolate for cashews and downing raw juices instead of lattes, there’s one major thing we look forward to come the weekend, and that’s a cheat meal.

The one rule we have when ordering? The greasier and more indulgent the better, and we reckon we’ve found the cheat meal of dreams.

Introducing the next generation spice bag. It’s an updated take on your regular spice bag (think chicken, spices, chips, peppers and onions) but with wings and rice thrown in. Er, yum.

Spice Bag

Naturally, in the name of research, we had to put this delish dish to the test.

Here’s our resident spice bag tester Ciara’s verdict:

“As a spice bag regular I was very excited to hear about the next gen version. Adding egg fried rice and chicken wings gives the humble spice bag a new lease of life. Sure it’s not exactly on the low-cal plan but it’s so SO worth it! There is enough in one portion to feed two if not three people so get the girls around and make a night of it…a spice bag night #hunreal.”

Does it fit our macros? Um, no, but sure lookit. We’ll be ordering one anyway.

Want it? Hit up, choose your nearest takeaway and just ask for rice and wings along with your usual spice bag order. We’ll race ya!

Psst! Don’t wanna cheat on your diet? Check out our #CheatClean alternatives to all your fave-o takeaway meals here. Yep, you really can have a chipper and stay on track. 


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