This Pic Of Nicole Kidman Kissing Another Man In Front Of Her Husband Is Seriously Awks

She smooched Alexander Skarsgard at the Emmys.

Nicole Kidman has been married to country music star, Keith Urban, since 2006, and you’d think that after 11 years of wedded bliss she’d know not to kiss other men on the lips…

But the Big Little Lies actress did just that at last night’s Emmy Awards, leaving viewers (and her hubby) feeling rather awkward.

When her co-star, Alexander Skarsgard, won the award for Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Limited Series, she stood up, cupped his face in both hands and went in for a kiss. The star’s husband, Keith, stood awkwardly next to them, applauding Alexander on his win.

Viewers expressed their levels of cringe on Twitter, with one saying, “Hollywood is so weird. How can Nicole Kidman just casually kiss a man in front of her husband?”

While another said, “So Keith Urban gonna let his wife Nicole Kidman kiss another dude while he stands there and claps. How awkward is that!?”

What do you make of Nicole and Alexander’s kiss?

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