This Plus Size Model’s Bikini Shopping Experience Is Something Every Curvy Girl Can Relate To

Fans have been commending her online.

Sonny Turner is a plus-size model from the UK and she’s spoken for curvy women everywhere in a recent post on Instagram.

She’s calling out fashion retailers for not stocking cute swimwear in bigger sizes. When trying a black bikini on in one such store, Sonny discovered that the largest size they had was a 12-14, which was categorically too small for her (and indeed a huge percentage of the population).

just a small town girl who wants to change the world ?

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“Changing rooms can be scary places,” she began, “I am wearing the largest size from one of the most popular high street stores which is 12-14.

“High street store bikinis do not cater for women of my body type. Majority of online stores don’t either. NO ONE GETS IT so for any upcoming designers I got come tips for you.”

Sonny continued, “We need cups that actually cover more than our nipple. We need cups that bring our boobs together so there’s not a massive gap in-between them. We need straps that aren’t so tight it’s as though our neck is about to snap off.

had my first chipotle first manny peddy and I'm having my first spray tan rn, feelin natural n cute n #aeriereal ?

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“We need bikini bottoms that don’t give us wedgies when we walk. We need string bikinis that don’t expose our vagina lips. We need swimsuits that fit over our hips without dragging the neck of the costume down causing neck ache.

“We deserve more choice in the selection for our body type that isn’t just the generic black swimsuit with a kimono. Yes believe it or not, some of us actually want a thong bikini, the whole selection doesn’t have to be high-waisted.

“We’re gonna need you to stop using models with fake boobs that aren’t a real depiction of what the bra would look like on our real droopy ones.

“It’s not fair that we can’t wear cute swimwear just bc we are built differently. We deserve to walk into a store and pay £10 for a nice bikini without breaking the bank and our body confidence.”

Sonny concluded her post with the hashtag, “#everyBODYisbeautiful bottom line is: MAKE CLOTHES FOR ALL SIZE & BODIES.”

Fans have been commending the model for standing up for women in this way and have been praising her on Twitter saying, “I am in love with you, you make me love myself and make me accept my imperfections.  Thank you ? ” and “Sonny Turner really uses her fame and platform for amazing shit, I wish I had her when I was younger.”

We agree with Sonny tenfold. Here’s to bikini confidence for all!

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