This Poor Irish Lad Ended Up With A Snapchat-Filtered Selfie On His Student ID

Cue the next twelve months spent explaining the mistake to security at his college bar.

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 15.03.54

Source: Dáire Mac Giolla Seathanaigh/Facebook

Snapchat filters bring us hours of endless, totally pointless joy. Face swaps, puppy dog faces and that oh-so flattering flower crown effort: whatever your filter of choice, selfies just feel kinda bland without the Snapchat treatment.

As with most smartphone features though, filters should most DEFINITELY come with a Do Not Approach When Drunk warning, as one Irish student learnt to his detriment last week. Dáire Shaw was applying for his International Student Identity Card online after a few too many pre-drinks, and when asked to upload a photo, he went with a rather, er, creative choice.

Behold, the result:

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 15.00.45

Source: Dáire Mac Giolla Seathanaigh/Facebook

It’s so real, and yet so… terrifying.

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Dáire, who is currently over in England studying Law at Liverpool John Moore University, took to Facebook to share his regrettable decision.

“Jesus Christ I drunkenly applied for my NUS card and it asked for a photo so I picked one with a snapchat filter why did they accept this I can never use it as ID,” poor Dáire wrote alongside the offending photo. His post has racked up 3,500 comments and over 100 shares in the past week.

While we have to laugh, the fact is that after a few G&Ts we could most definitely have fallen foul of the same error. There but for the grace of God…


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