This Quiz Reveals How Long You’d Last As Beyonce’s Assistant

We got fired after making her go swimming :(

Last Christmas Black Mirror released an interactive episode of the show called Bandersnatch, where you had to choose everything from the guy’s breakfast, to who was going to jump off a balcony. It was pretty cool, but we’ve found something even better, because it’s about Beyonce… Beyoncnatch?

A Twitter genius, by the name of Green Chyna has created a game on the social media site which allows you to become Beyonce’s assistant, and see how long you last.

It doesn’t sound like much, all you have to do is get Queen B to the red carpet on time without messing up.

You’re given options like which child to Facetime and which of her songs to play, or whether she should go swimming or painting, it all seems pretty innocent, but nope! Make one bad choice and you’re gonezo.

But if you do everything right, you get to the red carpet, and the game continues to the infamous elevator sage where you make a choice staying in the car or follow your boss and Solange into the hotel?


Even Chrissy T couldn’t manage.

Play for yourself below, and DON’T GET FIRED.


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