This Real-Time Map Lets You Track Hurricane Ophelia So You Know Exactly Where It’ll Hit And When

A status red weather warning is in place for the whole country.

If you’re sitting inside wondering when Hurricane Ophelia will reach your area, one particular weather website is here to help. allows you to select your location and watch in real time as the hurricane passes up from the south west of the country.

Giving precise details from rainfall to cloud cover, the interactive map lets you see exactly where the storm is, how quickly it’s moving, and how soon it’ll reach your location.

A status red warning is currently in place throughout the country, with Met Eireann saying, “People should remain indoors for the duration of the storm. All unnecessary travel should be avoided on Monday 16th Oct 2017, while the storm is passing. Don’t travel during the height of the storm unless absolutely necessary.

They’ve also said, “Listen to local radio and national media broadcasts for Met Éireann updates on the current weather situation. High seas are predicted, the public are advised to stay away from coastal areas during this period.”

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