This Scratching Pad Turns Your Cat Into A DJ And We’re Totally Sold

DJ Kitty Kat on the decks.


If you have found yourself indoors with your pets for longer than expected, looking for ways to entertain your fur babies after the walkies is done – we hear you.

As we all think of creative ways to pass the time, we’re also doing a little bit of retail therapy to lift the mood and I mean, what’s better than buying cute things for your pet, right?

Not only do chew toys and cute outfits keep your furry friends entertained, they also brighten the mood in the house and keep the aul’ Insta feed alive with adorable pics – say cheese Max.

But this little nifty set of DJ decks for your feline companion has to be hands down the most hilarious and worthy buy yet.

From the online novelty and gifts brand Suck UK, we’re already in knots imagining our cats giving the spinning a whack.

Not only will this clever cat scratcher bring you a lot of needed laughs, cat scratch furniture helps your cat to exercise and mark their territory, so why not mix that instinct with a bit of fun?

The scratching toy is for sale here, it delivers to Ireland and for €28, we’re sold.

But, unfortunately, the novelty spree doesn’t end there.

Because Suck UK also has this gas cat tank at again, €28. I don’t know about you but Mr Winks would look iconic patrolling the sitting room in this.

Fire in the hole.

And lastly, because it’s a sin to write about pets and not mention dogs, this Toy Story inspired dog costume is a whole mood.

Your own little Buzz, the superhero we all need now.

To infinity and beyond.

You can nab this costume for €22 over on Party City here.

Too cute!

Have you been working from home alongside your pet? Have you taken any cute snaps of your little colleague?

Send them into us on Twitter and Insta, we’re @stellarmagazine.


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