This Stretch-Marked Mum Recreated Kendall Jenner’s Calvin Klein Ad For A Very Special Reason

She's loving her lines for a great cause.

Kendall Jenner Calvein Klein

For many women, Kendall Jenner is the epitome of #body goals, not least in the raunchy ad campaign she shot with designer Calvin Klein early this year.

But while Kendall’s stunning campaign might make even the most confident woman feel a tad insecure about her wobbly bits, Texan-born mum Brenda DeRouen, used the snaps as a springboard for accepting her body the way it is.

Brenda stripped down to her underwear in a shoot with photographer Deun Ivory to show that you don’t have to have a figure like Kendall’s to look good in your Calvins. Her goal? To help other women embrace themselves the way they are.

Writing on her blog, she says, “You may not have stretch marks from pregnancy, hell; you may not have stretch marks at all. But I guarantee you there is something that you are struggling with. Whether it’s your weight, your hair, or your breast size. Just know that there is no such thing as a perfect body. Most pictures that you see nowadays are photo-shopped and edited anyways. You are beautiful. Every scar and every imperfection, has a story that makes you uniquely you. Your body is your temple. Embrace it and show it the love and attention that it needs. Never let anyone make you feel like your body is not worthy of appreciation.”

Brenda, we applaud you ?

Keep scrolling to see all the pics from her shoot below.

Picture credits: Deun Ivory.

Love your body… go read my blog and tell me what you think!

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