This Totally Genius Hack Means You Can Read A WhatsApp Message Without The Sender Knowing

Praise be to the messaging gods, you can now beat those pesky blue ticks.


Picture the scene: you’re texting a new fella, and you’re totally trying to play it cool but you’re also dying to read that flirty message he just WhatsApp’d you.

Or scenario two: you’re having an argument with your bestie and you need some time to think before you shoot off a hasty reply to that angry text.

Well good news for you, because you can now access those messages without the sender knowing – and it’s all down to one easy hack.

All you need to do to beat those blue ticks next time you receive a message you’re not ready to reply to, is to switch your phone to airplane mode. The result? When you click into the message, the sender will still see two grey ticks, indicating that you haven’t seen it yet.

Smart, huh?

The only crux though? Once you take your phone off airplane mode and click back into WhatsApp again the sender will be able to see that you’ve read it.

But if you’re avoiding replying to that tricky message, it buys you just a little bit of extra time at least.