This Video Clip Of Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall Acting Weirdly Has Sparked Serious Concern For The Singer

Jade puts it down to jet lag, but the internet isn't so sure.

Jade Thirlwall

We’re well used to seeing the Little Mix girls having a laugh and acting a bit cray during interviews.

How about that time Jade crumpled up an interviewer’s questions for asking about Jesy’s rumoured split from Jake Roche, or when Perrie jokingly slapped a TV host for telling her he broke up with a girl by text?

Gas, right?

Well, while those exchanges have all been in jest, some fans reckon a recent video clip of an interview with one of the band is a cause for serious concern.

The clip features Jade Thirlwall acting weirdly and looking distracted during a French interview. The singer is seen glancing around, wide-eyed, pulling weird faces and fanning herself at the end.

I need help

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Making light of the sitch, Jade posted the video to her Instagram with the caption “when the jet lag hits you” but her followers reckon there’s another reason that explains her strange behaviour, speculating that the singer has been dabbling in drugs.

“Can nobody else tell this is not f*cking jet lag and definitely trying to cover up the fact she’s on drugs,” commented one user.

Others had a similar opinion.

“Back in my day we didn’t call it jet lag,” one follower added. “Her eyes almost went to the back of her head.”


Jade and her bandmates Perrie and Jesy made headlines earlier this week, when they were spotted leaving a nightclub over the weekend looking bleary-eyed, but tell us this, what twenty-something hasn’t left the pub in the early hours feeling a little disheveled and ready for her bed?

Something tells us that Jade’s hectic schedule and a few too many late nights with the band are all that’s to blame here.


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