This Video Of Scott Disick Shifting Kylie Jenner’s Bestie Has Leaked, And WTF?!

Kylie will not be pleased.

We can barely keep up with the tangled webs the Kardashians weave, and we’re still pretty shook from Kylie’s half brother Robert dating her ex boyfriend Tyga’s former girlfriend and baby momma Blac Chyna. (Still with us?)

Now the Kardashian-Jenner circle is set to get even more messy as Scott Disick has just confirmed his relationship with Kylie Jenner’s former bestie Sofia Richie.

In a video posted to Instagram over the weekend, the pair are seen sharing a very passionate kiss while out for dinner, confirming weeks of speculation about their relationship.

As for Kylie and Sofia’s friendship, well, the pair haven’t been spotted hanging out together in a very long time, and now that Sofia is dating big sister Kourtney’s ex fella, we’re guessing their friendship hiatus is set to continue.

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