This Woman ISN’T Cheryl Tweedy And Our Minds Are Blown!

It's the most accurate doppelgänger we've ever seen!

We love a good doppelgänger story here at STELLAR HQ and this latest one has to be the best we’ve ever seen. Sian Teesdale is a mum-of-one from the UK, just like Cheryl Tweedy, but that’s not all they have in common. They also look exactly the same.

Sian is heavily involved in cosplay, the practice of dressing up as a fictional character from a film, book, or video game, and she regularly gets kitted out as Disney Princesses. Given the nature of her costumes, she meets a *lot* of children, and she admits, “there is always one child who mistakes me for that lady off the X Factor, lol.” We can see why!

Never thought my selfie would go viral ! Maybe I should recreate it to prove it's me ??? @cherylofficial. I dont live my life trying to be her its just the comments I have had growing up shes been a big part of my life in that aspect my main passion in life is Meeting all the inspirational children and morphing into Disney Characters there is always one little child who mistakes me for that lady off the Xfactor lol. But I know one thing I have always loved Cheryl regardless if I look like her or not, having all her books and all her music and being a huge girls aloud fan she was a Role Model to me, then we fell pregnant the same time! Ive always been a believer in dreaming big and I would love to meet her one day! Thanks too @thismorning for the Lookalike Thread xxx . . . #cheryltweedy #cherylcole #ilovecheryl #celeblookalike #dreambig

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She blasted into the public sphere when ITV’s This Morning asked viewers to post their celebrity look-alike photos on Facebook. People couldn’t believe the woman in the photo wasn’t actually the former Girls Aloud singer.

Well, if Cheryl ever needs a stand-in she’ll know exactly who to call…

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