This Woman Learned The Hard Way That You Should Never Cry After Having A Spray Tan

Her selfie makes us shudder.

fake tanning

We’ve suffered our fair share of beauty fails throughout the years. From smearing ghastly blue eyeshadow across our lids to covering our face in Pan Stick, we’re certainly no strangers to getting it wrong.

But there are few things in the beauty world which have caused us more embarrassment than dodgy fake tan, which is why we have nothing but sympathy for Imgur user @thiscontradiction, who cried right after having a spray tan and, not exaggerating, temporarily RUINED HER ENTIRE FACE.

The result was tear streaks all the way down her face and neck, which in her words, just “won’t go away.” We only hope she didn’t have a big event planned or a holiday booked straight afterwards.

Crying After A Spray Tan

Thankfully, the internet pitched in with some useful advice.

One former salon worker advised “anything acidic such as lemon or lime juice will work,”, while another suggested a “Quarter cup of lemon juice. Half a cup of salt. Scrub, scrub, scrub.”

However she chose to deal with this mortifying beauty blip, we hope her fake tan disaster and the reason she was crying in the first place have both been solved.


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