This Woman Says Her Quest To Become Instagram Famous Left Her Broke


A woman who spent wild amounts of money in the hope of becoming Instagram famous has told of how the whole thing left her broke.

Lissette Calveiro says she first got a hankering for social media fame after moving to New York for an internship and garnering over 12,000 followers.

“I wanted to tell my story about this young millennial living in New York,” she told the New York Post. “I was shopping for clothes to take the perfect ‘gram.”

The only thing was, her internship paid just a stipend – and after moving back in with her parents in Miami and starting a full-time job, her spending increased. From the Post:

Calveiro would treat herself to monthly $200 shopping sprees so she wouldn’t be seen on Instagram wearing the same outfit twice. Every month, she’d also splurge on a designer item, such as a $1000 vintage Louis Vuitton bag or an accessory from Kate Spade, so she could show it off to her followers.

Combined with the money she spent travelling to exotic locations every month (gotta look like a jetsetter), she soon found herself $10,000 in debt.

“I was living a lie. If you break it down, a lot of the travel I was doing in 2016 was strictly for Instagram.”

After having a come-to-Jesus moment in 2016, she finally got her finances in order and paid off what she owed.

Despite everything, Lissette is still very much an Instagram Hun (though these days she has money coming in from #ads) and it seems her dream might come true after all – following the story in the Post, she’s gained about 5,000 new followers.

Has she learned from her mistakes, or will her desire for fame lead her astray once more? We’re on the edge of our seats.


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