This Youtuber Just Got A Prison Sentence For Tricking A Homeless Man Into Eating Toothpaste Filled Oreos

This is so awful

We all know that these days people will do just about anything to get views on a Youtube video, or to get social media followers – but sometimes it gets out of hand.

In a world filled with Logan Paul’s and James Charles’s, Youtube fame is becoming an increasingly coveted prize for stupidity.

This time, Youtube star’s Kanghua Ren – AKA ReSet’s lack of common sense and decency has just landed him with a 15 month prison sentence.

The 21-year-old Spaniard filmed himself back in 2017 playing a prank on a homeless man in Barcelona, and convincing him to eat Oreos that he had filled with toothpaste. Ren had given the man the biscuits, along with a $20 bill and told him it would make him clean ‘because he was poor.’….

The video of the man eating the cookies and subsequently vomiting was then uploaded to his Youtube and social media channels, on which he had over 1.2 million followers.

The video (correctly) received a whole lot of hate and backlash – leading to the victim and his daughter filing a lawsuit against the social media star.

A 15 month sentence was handed down to the youngster in a Spanish court this week, as well as him being ordered to pay the man €20,000 and to shut down his Youtube channel for five years.

When will these people learn!?

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