Tinder Has Revealed The Things Everyone Was Mentioning In Their Bios In 2019

The facepalm emoji is widely used, for example. Wonder why.

Of all the things this decade has given us, Tinder has to be one of the most significant. The app has completely changed modern dating (whether that’s good or bad is up to you) and actually helped lots of people find true love.

Tinder has just released its annual Year In Swipe, a deep dive into what we’re all up to on the app – and lots of things crop up again and again when it comes to dating bios.

The facepalm emoji was very popular this year

The use of the facepalm emoji in Tinder bios increased by 41% in 2019 – we’re not sure what that says about the state of affairs on the app. Other popular emojis included the OK hand sign and the shrug, which over 50% of 18-25 year olds included in their description of themselves. We’re all very original.

Everybody’s looking for something ‘real’

Seriously. ‘Real’ was the most used term in bios of users aged 18-25, along with ‘lit’, ‘stan’, ‘tea’, ‘travel’, ‘connection’, ‘explore’, and ’cause/mission’. We actually dread to think what kind of person puts ’cause/mission’ in a dating bio.

Or maybe just Jennifer Lopez

J Lo was mentioned in a heap of bios this year – the other most-mentioned women were Jennifer Aniston, Ariana Grande, Greta Thunberg and former Prime Minister Theresa May.  Erm, need more context on that last one.

People were getting political

Users aged 18-25 were much more likely to mention politics in their bios than millennials, who preferred to bring up the gym and doing marathons. God we’re dull.

But they still LOVE talking about travel

Younger users were more likely to talk about their beliefs or pet causes (like the environment or social justice) in their bios, while millennials love to drop names of places they’ve visited. Other big topics that came up regularly over the year include veganism, Glastonbury, Harry and Meghan’s babby, and yep… Brexit. That chat is an important thing to get out of the way before you meet up, to be fair.

Are you guilty of any of these? Be honest.